Dancers have studied and practiced Pilates for several generations as a means of achieving length, strength and flexibility, exemplifying the long and lean form achieved through the Method. Through use of the reformer, cadillac, chair, ball or mat, the Pilates Method enables the body to re-learn balanced strength and release nervous system tension, fully engaging and benefiting both body and mind.

The Pilates Method was developed by Joseph Pilates and includes over 500 exercizes building core strength and body alignment. Its focus on abdominal and dorsal muscles develops core body strength both relieving pain and building strength while targeting the buttocks and thighs – think of a dancer’s lean form. We have trained practitioners of multipleschools of Pilates including BASI, Peak, Balanced Body, A-Lyne, and Stott to name a few.

The Pilates Method is taught at RITUEL as follows:



The most recognized Pilates “machine”, the Reformer, enables hundreds of exercizes for the entire body – creating length, strength, flexibility, balance and alignment.


The Cardio Reformer class is a choreographed routine on the Reformer Jumpboard, using the principles of plyometrics. Cardio jumping will challenge your core, elevate your heart rate, develop balance and coordination.  You will burn calories and strengthen muscles; jumping impact contributes to building bone mass while putting very little stress on joints. Jumpboard opens a new dimension to Reformer work.


Semi-collective classes (limited to 4 clients), the Open Studio® allows you to have a complete workout on the equipment (cadillac, reformer, chair, barrel…) and to develop more autonomy in your training program. Sessions are supervised by an instructor, while your particular circuit program may be tailored to your specifics needs & desires.


The Pilates exercise ball is a light, portable, durable, and inexpensive piece of equipment. The Pilates ball is, by nature, an unstable base of support, requiring the user to develop balance, symmetry and core strength to maintain stability. You will learn a series of movements and exercizes that require working against gravity and using your own body weight. You will feel your body’s deep, stabilizing muscles at work. Exercising on the ball has the unusual advantage of being fun as well as challenging.


A foundational form of Pilates exercize, the “Wunda” chair looks easy but is as rigorous as its sister classes.  The Wunda chair is critical in building alignment and total strength. Your upper body will be challenged as much as your lower body as you use your own body mass against the resistance against the counter-force of springs. Pilates Wunda chair challenges even the most fit participant.


Every exercize that is done on Pilates machines can also be done on the floor. Learning the floor mat work enables one to practice while at home, traveling or when equipment is is not available. Core strength, flexibility, balance, alignment and length are achieved through Pilates mat and floor work. Coordinated breathing is essential to oxygenating muscles and developing focus. We offer several levels of classes for the beginner all the way to the most expert. There is no end to the variations and intensities available with Pilates mat work.