Dancers have studied and practiced Pilates for several generations as a means of achieving length, strength and flexibility, exemplifying the long and lean form achieved through the Method. Through use of the reformer, cadillac, chair, ball or mat, the Pilates Method enables the body to re-learn balanced strength and release nervous system tension, fully engaging and benefiting both body and mind.

The Pilates Method was developed by Joseph Pilates and includes over 500 exercizes building core strength and body alignment. Its focus on abdominal and dorsal muscles develops core body strength both relieving pain and building strength while targeting the buttocks and thighs – think of a dancer’s lean form. We have trained practitioners of multipleschools of Pilates including BASI, Peak, Balanced Body, A-Lyne, and Stott to name a few.

The Pilates Method is taught at RITUEL in Group Classes , Private Sessions or Duos on the following equipment :


( with and without accessories such as Roller, Magic Circle , Ball and Oov ®️ )

Often mistaken for an “easy” workout the Mat work is actually one of the most challenging ways to practice Pilates - no instrument to “help” other than YOUR OWN BODY as your instrument ! the Mat repertoire is toning, creating flexibility, better posture, more efficient movement and getting the body/mind connection that is so essential to the Pilates method — just about every benefit the Pilates method has to offer can be achieved through mat work .



The most recognized Pilates “machine”, the Reformer, enables hundreds of exercizes for the entire body – creating length, strength, flexibility, balance and alignment.


Also an important part of any fully equipped Pilates studio that was created by Joseph Pilates himself, this seemingly simple

equipment , there are a myriad of exercises that can be performed on the Pilates chair , excellent for strengthening the core muscles, arms and legs , working on stability, balance as well as flexibility .

Exercises are done lying, sitting, and standing on the chair and is another example of the ingenuity of the Pilates method.


MOTR may look like a roller but it is way MOre Than a Roller ;-) MOTR’s versatility offers unlimited programming and limitless results :

Working the core , coordination , agility , flexibility and proprioception , it is one of the newer modern Pilates tools excellent for overall functional training.


Semi-collective classes (limited to 4 clients), the Open Studio® allows you to have a complete workout on the equipment (cadillac, reformer, chair, barrel…) and to develop more autonomy in your training program. Sessions are supervised by an instructor, while your particular circuit program may be tailored to your specifics needs & desires.