Anusara yoga is a fun form of yoga to practice, placing equal importance on good alignment within postures as it does uplifting the spirit of the practitioner. Anusara follows a positive Tantric philosophy and a set of elegant principles of alignment which, when applied to all postures, align the body safely creating refinement and beauty in the poses.


Ashtanga is series-based Vinyasa yoga. You’ll revel in sun-salutations and deepen your practice as you become more familiar with the flow series. You will emerge exercized, energized, stretched and able to develop a routine for self-practice.



Vinyasa Yoga uses breath, sound and consciousness of one’s body to generate smooth flowing motion from pose to pose. Vinyasa shares postures with Hatha and Ashtanga schools of Yoga enabling the discipline to be very available to the practitioner. As you practice Vinyasa, you will find  yourself feeling calm, fit and regenerated.



Hatha means “breath”. Integrating breath and movement; posture & calm; endurance & strength. Breathe, find peace, find inner and outer strength