Anatomy for the 21st Century Fascia & Biotensegrity

Connecting the tissue of body, mind and being

Joanne Avison

Author of YOGA , Fascia , Anatomy & Movement ( Handspring Publishing )

2-Day Seminar : Friday & Saturday , September 27 & 28 , 2019 1-9pm

( taught in english / enseigné en anglais ! )

This practical course will leave you clear as to how and why fascia is so important to you, personally, as a human being and professionally as a Yoga, Pilates or movement teacher.

Fascia is the fundamental fabric of your living, animated form.

When you understand the way it is organized, the essentials of its architecture , its connections and disconnections, you will be able to understand some of the mysteries of living bodies and guiding other bodies to help them move better.

This course is about 50% practical , with additional take-home information for reference and is designed for any type of movement teacher. Some people have a very scientific mind, others entirely practical, others more thoughtful and some are just curious about movement and love Yoga and Pilates for its versatility and range .

For many teaching movement is the result of resolving issues in their own lives or injuries they experienced and for many , studying anatomy can be the « boring base-line » that has to be crossed, to tick the « qualified box » .

What if it is thrilling and exciting because it changes the way you feel ? What if you could become so fascinated by what you already sense makes sense , that you discover what you are already doing has a body wisdom of its own ? What if that is the key ? This workshop is fun and practical and you will leave knowing a lot more about how you formed, how you feel your way in the world and why it matters…in your body’s language.

Fascia as the tensional network of connective tissues; the fabric of the human form. Research into fascia is revealing a whole new context for understanding the human body both at rest and in motion.

  • bridging the divide between the application of classical anatomy and real-life experiences of practicing and teaching movement.

  • examining recent research and the paradigm shift from the classical anatomy of the musculoskeletal system to the new perspective the fascia provides.“BioTensegrity is an emerging context for biomotional integrity. That is – how we move the way we do. Understanding the fascia and the fabric of our form is relatively meaningless, without the architectural organisation of that fabric, explaining how it permits movement and indeed manages the movement forces we move (that move us). We are formed under tension; pre-stressed or pre-stiffened – but what does that mean to us as movement teachers or manual therapists? What are the implications of tensional forces through the matrix of our living, animated form? The fascia is a force transmission system. BioTensegrity offers a very compelling paradigm that makes sense of its many structures and functions and multifaceted assets.“

Joanne Avison

is an international teacher of applied structural anatomy for movement and manual practitioners in a variety of fields. She is a professional Structural Integration practitioner and certified teacher ( KMI, Anatomy Trains 1998-2005 Tom Myers’ school ) and Director of the Art of Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training, London, UK.

She has taught Anatomy , Biotensegrity and Fascia throughout the world and has been part of John Sharkey’s team teaching Human Dissection courses at Life & Science University of Dundee , Scotland .

As an advanced Yoga Practitioner and Certified Yoga Therapist, the art, craft and science of yoga and body architecture are something Joanne is very passionate about learning and teaching!

As a founding Member of the BioTensegrity Interest Group (B.I.G.), Joanne is fascinated by the application of BioTensegrity principles to the understanding of the human blueprint and natural biomotional organisation. Her writing and workshops are devoted to making this emerging context for human movement applicable and clearly understood.

Testimonials of participants who have attended this course :

« I felt such a deep sense of confirmation, that I am on the right track »

«  this class really built my confidence, I wasn’t expecting that from the anatomy classsroom »

« I was worried I wouldn’t understand, but Joanne makes the information so accessible,I feel wiser already »

« This class was so much fun- I want to teach anatomy now »

« Joanne makes this class simple and accessible , despite the complexity of the subject »

« I can see why understanding Fascia is so crucial to my teaching and learning »Thank goodness I did this »

2-Day Seminar-Friday & saturday SEpt 27 & 28 from 1-9pm


for reservation a 100€ non-refundable deposit is applicable,

no reimbursement possible

this introduction workshop/ “Level 0” is a prerequisite to the full anatomy course starting end of November :

Anatomy of the 21st century : Fascia and Biotensegrity

a comprehensive course of Practical Anatomy with Joanne Avison & renowned clinical anatomist John Sharkey

-Fascia ground rules 

- Biotensegrity - the model that binds all the other modules 

- Sacred geometry & sacred feminine balance

- From Anatomy to Architecture

- From Biomechanics to Biotensegrity 

- From classical to contemporary connections 

- A new 21st century view of applied anatomy to living motion 

Anatomy Course ABC Basics in 4 parts :

Level 1 : Integrating and applying fascia & biotensegrity 

with Joanne Avison

Nov 30 & Dec 1 , 2019

Level 2 : Physics of soft matter , making sense of movement

with Joanne Avison

Feb 29 & Mar 1 , 2020

Level 3 : neuromuscular integration & medical exercise 

with Joanne Avison and John Sharkey

May 29 -31 , 2020

Level 4 : expanding the practice to include PEDIATRIC anatomy

with Joanne Avison and John Sharkey

Oct 2-4 , 2020

cost : 3250€ , early bird 2900€ if paid before September 15th

prerequisites : Level 0 introduction WS ( for those who have already taken this Introduction WS in Paris, Manchester or Athens

might start directly with Level I of the course november 30th ).

Rebekah Rotstein

in Paris for 2 Specialized Workshops

15 & 16 juin , 2019 ( enseigné en anglais , traduit en français )


Buff Bones® Osteoporosis in Depth

Saturday June 15th , from 1 -8pm

1 in 3 women over the age of 50 and 1 in 5 men have low bone density with prediction of a fracture in his or her lifetime. Meanwhile, younger individuals are getting diagnosed with osteoporosis more frequently. This fundamentals workshop provides the scientific basis of understanding osteoporosis in a comprehensive yet accessible format.

  • Bone physiology and metabolism to understand normal versus excessive bone loss

    1. How osteoporosis is diagnosed and how to interpret a bone density report

    2. Risk factors and prevention methods

    3. Recent research findings about osteoporosis and its precursor, osteopenia

    4. The biomechanics of bone loading

    5. The importance of bone density versus bone quality

    6. Bone strengthening protocols and safe exercises for osteoporosis

    7. Balance and posture enhancement tools

    8. Myths versus realities of movement contraindications for bone loss 

    9. Psychological considerations for this population

    10. Up-to-date information on medication and nutrition guidelines

    11. Combining science and movement along with Rebekah’s personal experience as a patient, the workshop synthesizes lecture along with practical exercises to empower yourself and your clients. Enhance your critical thinking skills and expand your knowledge of functional anatomy in a fun and creative environment. You’ll walk away with a fresh outlook and techniques to implement immediately! (This workshop is separate from the Buff Bones® Instructor Training.)

      Spiraling from the Arms:

      Hanging, Hand Sequences and Backbends

      Sunday June 16 , 12 -6:30pm

      Many of us don’t leverage the spirals of the upper quarter -- aside from rotation of certain fingers in texting. This workshop explores the spirals and 3D movement within the structural elements of the trunk, arms and neck via the fascia as the great connector and the basis of tensegrity. Through useful weight-bearing hand sequences and hanging motions we can restore natural movement patterns and enhance motor control. Whether you or your clients are exceptionally stiff or hypermobile, you will experience increases in strength and mobility that also improve joint integrity and stability. Learn how these elements translate into backbends and better spinal motion, postural control and greater freedom in the body. Discover the secret to more fluid, integrated movement!

      Note: Spiraling from the Arms is more challenging in the movements and not necessarily appropriate for those with osteoporosis. 

    Rebekah Rotstein

    any is a leader in the intersection of Pilates, bone health and movement education. She is the creator of the medically-endorsed Buff Bones® system, offered at Hartford Hospital’s Bone and Joint Institute, and with live and online certification courses that have trained instructors in more than 30 countries. Based in New York City, she teaches and lectures throughout the U.S. and internationally, and has presented at numerous conferences.

    Rebekah began her anatomy training in the sports medicine department of Smith College after chronic injuries ended her ballet career. She trained at the Kane School in New York City under the tutelage of Kelly Kane, where she later served as a Senior Expert Instructor and led coursework including Special Populations as part of the teacher training faculty. 

    Her ongoing study of the body includes eight cadaver dissections with Gil Hedley at New Jersey Medical School as well as with John Sharkey at the University of Dundee in Scotland, Fascia Research Summer School at Ulm University in Germany with Robert Schleip, the Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries Workshop at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, somatic studies with Amy Matthews, and visceral manipulation through the Barral Institute. 

    Rebekah has been a partner of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and has long served as an ambassador for American Bone Health. A diagnosis of osteoporosis at age 28 led her to seek solutions to improve her own bone health, and became the catalyst for the research-driven Buff Bones® system. 

    For more information, visit

    Rebekah’s education extends to various modalities of movement. Beyond Pilates, she has studied with Sara Meeks in the Meeks Method of osteoporosis treatment and management for physical therapists and has trained and collaborated with fitness industry veteran Jeff Bell for more than a decade. In addition to working alongside renowned physical therapists and physicians across the country, her extensive ongoing study of the body includes year-long Body-Mind Centering®-based somatic coursework with Amy Matthews and immersion courses at medical schools along with seven annual cadaver dissections with Gil Hedley, PhD. She also has trained in Visceral Manipulation with the Barral Institute and attended the Fascia Research Summer School in Ulm, Germany.

rates : 275€ for one WS , 450€ for both WS

no reimbursement possible