Kobido massage (natural facelift / japonese method)

Foot, hand & cranial reflexology

Relaxing massage

Ayurvedic massage - Abhyanga

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There are numerous ailments and illnesses that can be cured by the use of Reflexology, commonly also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is highly recommended for improving vascular problems, stimulating circulation and the lymphatic system and eliminating toxins. Additionally, reflexology may relieve sciatica or femora neuralgia, stress, anxiety and insomnia. Reflexology brings about an in depth response to the patient’s suffering. This treatment is based on the combination of Reflexological virtues and essential oils, focusing on the link between the body and the reflexes of the feet and hands. The lipophilic property of the essential oils, their rapid penetration into the skin and systemic dissemination help to make reflexology a potent treatment.


Massage Relaxation is a way to take care of you and to achieve well-being. Whether muscular, soft or deep energetic, each massage is unique and adapts to the person. This massage is deep tissued, toned and muscular but also fluid and focusses on the whole body. It provides a real let-go of the body and mind.


Technique described as a holistic form of massage that combines pressure and stretching for a better flow of vital energy (prana). According to Ayurveda, a vast network of power lines runs through the body. Massage and stretching of these energy lines (Sen) relieves tension and stress-related illnesses. Allowing energy to flow more freely, the traditional Thai massage restores balance and creates deep relaxation and well-being. Pressure adjusted to your preference.  Wear loose & comfortable clothes. Practiced on a futon. (Oil free)


The Bowen Technique is a holistic and amazingly effective hands-on technique that was developed in the 1950s in Australia by Tom Bowen.  A Bowen treatment will provide a sense of deep relaxation achieved through a series of gentle rolling moves on the soft tissue or fascia that will stimulate the body’s parasympathetic activity. This enables the body to activate its self regulating system and to restore homeostasis (balance).


This massage is adapted to the needs of the client, applying several techniques: Swedish, Ayurvedic, and long stroke movements. Simple or Essential oils may be applied to enhance the affect; the intensity & pressure may be adjusted to your preference.


This technique is based on the practices of Chinese medicine and Qi Gong using subtle manual manipulation directly on the skin. In addition to providing a soothing massage, the effect is profoundly rejuvenating. With soft touch along the muscle lines in the face, this practice improves circulation and oxygenation, bringing forward the bodies own ability to keep a youthful contour. You will see renewed light and suppleness in your face. Three sessions are recommended, though individual sessions are absolutely acceptable.