Rituel is the first studio in Paris to feature Xtend Barre!
Xtend Barre® offers the opportunity to participate in an intense group exercize environment that builds grace and strength. Xtend Barre is a unique discipline from the US that integrates Pilates and ballet barre work at a cardiovascular-challenging tempo. By combining the rigor of ballet barre exercizes with the discipline of Pilates and adding a cardiovascular rhythm, the result is a total-body exercize program that creates a long, lean, strong & flexible body.  Xtend Barre welcomes all levels of fitness, age, and gender.  It continues to be challenging even to the most seasoned participant. “Sticky socks” or barefeet


Developed by Verena Tremel, Floorballet is a routine of combined ballet, Pilates and core strengthening movements set to music.  Her years of dancing and teaching have enabled Verena to develop a studio-based set of exercises that bring balance, strength and poise in a non-invasive manner. While Florballet is not fully cardio in nature, you will feel fully exercized by the end of the 55 minutes. Barefeet ok.


Based on the classical Ballet exercises performed at the barre , this class is open to anyone wanting to train the body in fluidity and strength , coordination and grace…enhance your quality of movement rather than pure muscular force and passive stretching , but training you physically in a very functional and fun way 🎶🎶

Cardio FLOW

This class is for those who “need” to sweat it all out but want to have fun while they do it 😅 ! Welcome to this very motivating and invigorating workout , created by the talented and beautiful Antonio Faroppa - he will literally sing along to his super playlist while giving you a very thorough full body workout . Saturday Night Fever….during the week 🕺🏻