Pilates based Master workshop with Jennifer Bury

Moving through Change

awareness of mind, body and self in action Pilates based Master workshop with Jennifer Bury

All of us are going to meet some kind of change which forces us to adapt how we move and live. Whether it's because of an injury, a loss, or aging, the question for each of us is not if this will happen but when. Some of these changes can easily be adapted to, but others cannot. I'm teaching how we help ourselves, and our clients, work through these challenges to come to a place of expanded choices and greater vitality in life.

By re-feeling our core developmental patterns we come to understand our own individual movement patterns and what motivates our actions. We can then apply this knowledge within the Pilates mat and apparatus practice, and in our daily actions as well. This ability to recognize and monitor our own tendencies makes us uniquely prepared to deal with an ever changing environment with stability and delight.

This subject is interesting to teachers and clients who are motivated to learn concepts beyond the basic vocabulary or would simply like to increase the effectiveness of their current practice.

Tuesday 24 Nov, 3-6pm (Mat work)

Wednesday 25 Nov, 3-6pm (Apparatus)

105€ 1WS

165 € 2WS


Day 1: 

You will learn our 6 fundamental developmental movements, locate them within the Pilates mat work and discover how that affects the integration of your body in action.


Day 2: 

Continuing from day 1, you will find and apply these 6 developmental movements in the Pilates apparatus work and our daily activities.

Application of these 6 movements to the Pilates mat and apparatus work increases clarity of intent and integration of action.  Awareness of these movements within our daily lives increases our ability to adapt and move through our ever-changing world with greater confidence




Jennifer began her pre-med studies in 1979 at NYU’s School of Medicine and then switched to the School of the Arts in Dance. After graduating she went on to form a dance company based in Germany performing throughout Europe and since 1985 has been running her private practice as a movement therapist, first in New York City and now in San Francisco. Jennifer originally learned Pilates from her mother who studied directly with Joe and Clara in their studio in New York City. In addition to her medical and kinesiology background she has studied neuroscience, developmental somatics, Gestalt therapy, osteopathy, Ideokinesis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Bioenergetics, Feldenkrais and Alexander techniques, Focusing, Somatics, Body Mind Centering, shiatsu, various forms of yoga and breath work, myofascial massage, craniosacral therapy, and holds a black belt in Aikido in addition to other areas of ongoing study.

In addition to her full-time private practice working individually with a wide range of clients, Jennifer runs an ongoing group investigating Creative Ways of Coping physically, emotionally, & personally at her San Francisco studio. Jennifer taught for 15 years at the Saint Francis Hospital in San Francisco. She has also taught at Mills College, Bard College, University of Utah, Manchester Metropolitan University, New York City Center for Joint Diseases, Munich University for Sports-Science & Rehabilitation, Better Future Today Orphanage in Cambodia, Gestalt Associates International Training, California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), the Bay Area Gestalt Institute, New Dawn residential center for eating disorders, Miami City Ballet School, Moving On Center School for Participatory Research, Chisenhale Dance Space, the Laban Centre London, London Contemporary School of Dance, London Independent Dance, Tanz Quartier Vienna, Tanz & Schule Munich, Tanz Werkstatt Europa, Joint Adventures, the Choreographer’s Atelier, Keana Studio Paris and many other venues.

Jennifer has been a featured lecturer at medical and psychology conferences such as the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy, the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, the Bay Area Gestalt Institute, Tanz Medizin Symposium Deutschland, Symposium on the Science & Somatics of Dance/University of Utah, Gestalt Association of Los Angeles international trainings in Lithuania, Switzerland, and Italy, the National Lymphodema Network, and TASC Network Pediatrics Association, where she brings her special knowledge of how we develop intellectually, physically, and emotionally through movement, to the medical and psychology communities.

For further details see http://jenniferbury.com/

Jennifer Bury, 2255 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 101, San Francisco, CA 94109 +1 415-433-3347, jennifer@jenniferbury.com


“Jennifer doesn’t just give you exercises or tell you what to do; she gives you the opportunity to discover in motion what you tend to do and to choose what feels best to you.”- 86 year old female retired pilot.

“In a non-intrusive way Jennifer enables you to meet yourself, while you learn to use your body more effectively, more fully, more comfortably”.- 53 year old female CEO of a communications company.

“Jennifer’s background in somatics, psychology, neuroscience, and medicine makes her uniquely qualified to help people gain a deeper, more effective understanding both of how to care for their bodies and themselves.”~ 43 year old surgeon and runner.