This courses includes the Pilates Mat and Apparatus repertoire including the F2 System or Avalon Armchair and Step Barrel!

Modules 1-3 : February 7- 9 , 2020 ,  1-9 pm

Modules 4-6 : June 5-7 , 1-9 pm

Modules 7-9 : September 4-6 ,  1-9 pm

Modules 10-12 : December 18-20 , 1-9 pm

These 12 modules are part of a 600 hour program consisting of:

-160 hrs of Modules & Revisions with BASI faculty ( see dates above & below )

- 100 hrs of observation 

- 150 hrs self-practice

- 40 supervised practice

- 150 hrs  apprenticeship

( prerequisites : minimum 50 hours of Pilates Mat work and 20 hours of Pilates Apparatus work )

rates :

3580€ for 12 Modules ( 84 hrs ), see dates above ( payment plan possible ) to be paid directly to BASI HQ

320€ if paid upfront for all 4 RevisionSeminars or 90€ per seminar ( 16 hrs total ) taking place on Mondays following every 3rd Module :

1st Revison Seminar : Monday Feb 10

2nd Revison Seminar : June 8

3rd Revison Seminar : Mon Sept 7 

4th Revison Seminar : Mon Dec 21

each Monday from 3-7 pm

900€ for 30 BASI Pro Classes if paid upfront or 33€ per class

proposed weekly Tuesdays 12 noon -1:30pm & Thursdays 1pm -2:30pm throughout the year and to be taken at your choice

To become a BASI Pilates certified teacher

To become a BASI Pilates certified teacher , and recognised internationally by the PILATES METHOD ALLIANCE ( PMA ) :

  • it is necessary to have completed 600 hours of practice and apprentice hours as detailed above

  • have passed all exams with minimum 75% success rate and have submitted and validated a case study .

or check out details on the BASI website :


with Master teacher Miriam Friedrich-Honorio

November 1-3 , 2019 & March 6-8, 2020

Friday & Saturday 2-9pm , Sunday 1-8pm

cost : 2795 €

ProBridge is a program for Pilates professionals who want to learn the principles and methods of BASI Pilates. Open only to qualified Pilates teachers from recognized schools, ProBridge is the equivalent of the BASI Pilates CTTC. It is also recommended as a refresher course, prior to acceptance for the advance Ultimate program, which comprises the Mentor, Master and Master Reunion courses. This course has been approved for 36 CECs by the PMA. 

Below direct link to sign up fo this course :


 In order to be able to teach the Pilates method in France, it is necessary to hold a title recognised by the Ministry of Sports (CQP, BE) and be in possession of the Carte Professionnelle des métiers du sport.

BASI Pilates is recognised by the french Pilates Federation, the FPMP ( fédération des professionnels de la méthode Pilates) and thanks to its affiliation our students and apprentices can adhere to the FPMP and the FSPT (fédération sport pour tous ) which allows them to obtain the CQP (certificat de qualification professionnel) and finally the Carte Professionnelle .