Centre Chiropractic de la colonne vertébrale - Dr Thierry Legagnoux et Dr Anaïs Badon, 119 rue de l'Université 75007 Paris, 0145513838, cccv@chiropractic.fr. www.chiropractic.fr

La FPMP -the federation for pilates educators practicing in France



Pilates – Pilates was originally formed as a physical rehabilitation program. It strengthens and lengthens the body’s deep muscle tissue without putting strain on the joints. Because we believe in treating one’s body with care and feeling sexy doing it, Pilates is the discipline that is taught most often in Rituel. 


The Franklin Method uses dynamic imagery, anatomical embodiment and the notion of plasticity of the brain to improve your body’s function.
It teaches you how to harness the transforming power of the mind and can be applied to improve all of your abilities . www.franklinmethod.com


Lolë – Lole is a Canadian active-living clothing and accessory line. They strive for environmental sustainability and you’ll be happy to find organic cotton in the items we have for sale at Rituel. Their clothing is the perfect attire for the variety of disciplines we offer. www.lolewomen.com


Xtend Barre – We teach Xtend Barre at Rituel so our clients have the option of including ahigher intensity cardio workout to their regimen. Xtend Barre integrates Pilates principles, building off of the foundation of Rituel’s main physical discipline, so our clients feel a more natural transition from their Pilates practice.www.xtendbarreworkout.com


Spinning – We bring the Parisian love of cycling to the clients of Rituel, providing another option for a cardio workout. Spinning is the perfect way to do so. www.spinning.com


Gyrotonic/Gyrokenisis – Parallel but different to Pilates, Gyrotonic promotes spiral movement and spinal rotation. Also born from a rehabilitation standpoint, yet Gyrotonic challenges the concept of the linear technique of Pilates.  It opens the body up to some contrast in this way, and we promote a variety of physical movement on your journey to wellbeing. www.gyrotonic.com


Gripsox – Gripsox were designed by Australian physiotherapist, Luke Goodwin, for those practicing Pilates and yoga. These socks give you all the benefits of going barefoot without getting your toes cold. We find them particularly useful for Xtend Barre as well! www.gripsox.com


Sissel – Sissel is a Swedish brand that specializes in quality equipment for physiotherapy and other physical well-being practices. They take a holistic approach to the body, just like us. Sissel provides us with Pilates accessories, such as Pilates balls and Pilates circles, which are also available for purchase. www.sissel.fr


Sigg – Sigg canteens are the aluminum re-usable water bottles we sell behind our counter. Sigg is a Swiss design for a light and durable drink container. As an added bonus, you can reduce your carbon footprint and lose the plastic bottle. www.sigg.fr


Peak Pilates – Peak Pilates provides our larger Pilates equipment, and is one of the leaders in quality Pilates machines. You’ll find yourself bending, stretching and lengthening on this equipment during your classes at Rituel. www.peakpilates.com


Specialized – Specialized is one of Christopher’s favourite bicycle brands, and one of his clients for his video work. Christopher rides a Specialized bicycle whenever he gets on the road. We will be selling their shoes for our stationary bicycles in Ze Fixe. Try them out for a superior pedal stroke! www.specialized.com


Castelli – Castelli is an Italian brand catering specifically to cyclists. This company has been a pioneer in the sports clothing industry, and their options are not only extensive, but sexy. So naturally we recommend exploring their gear for your cycling class. www.castelli-cycling.com


Zumba Fitness – Zumba is a workout that looks more like a dance party to latin music. We love latin music’s sexy feel, so we offer a Zumba class once per week for those who want to get moving and get sweaty. Zumba classes are open to all fitness levels, so no need to be shy. www.zumba.com