Yoga with BALA

Yoga Workshops with Bala

Friday, Saturday 13 & 14 April, 2018   

Insights into Yoga Asanas - Traditional applications of yoga postures

Friday April 13th , 2018

2-6 : 75€

The enchantment of Yoga is not confined to mere attainment of mind boggling levels of physical fitness. Quite oblivious to most, Asanas transcends to its highest potential when body syncs with the mind, raising one’s awareness to a higher meditative bliss. The objective of this workshop, is thus, to equip yourself, to elevate your mind and soul through YOGA POSTURES


Pranayama - Science of Breath

Saturday April 14th

2- 6 : 75€

Humans have an inherent quality to achieve harmony with nature. We often neglect this trait and trudge along precarious paths - seeking solace. Physically and mentally. ‘Pranayama’ is an ancient Yogic practice to regain this lost harmony and we shall lead you through it and train you to indulge in this magnificient breathing technique


Yoga Nidra - Deep Relaxation

Saturday April 14th 6-7pm

1 WS : 85€ , 2 WS : 145€, 2 WS & Yoga Nidra : 170€

Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep is an ancient, little-known guided deep relaxation technique that has ample utility in the current stressful world. Its nuances lie in walking that thin line between wakefulness and deep sleep - where you are aware of your body but disconnected to the surroundings. It is a deep relaxation technique that can be initiated even for beginners, and one can get a glimpse of what YOGA could be. Though it is a brief session, its effects are often profound and far fetching.